• Criterion 1
  • Criterion 2

Crieria - 1:   Curricular Aspects.

1.1.1:Curricula developed and implemented have relevance to the local, national, regional and global developmental needs which is reflected in Programme outcomes (POs), Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Course Outcomes (COs) of the Programme offered by the Institution.

1.1.2.:Percentage of Programmes where syllabus revision was carried out during the last five years.

1.1.3:Average percentage of courses having focus on employability/entrepreneurship/ skill development offered by the institution during the last five years

1.2.2: Percentage of programmes in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) / elective course system has been implemented (Data for the latest completed academic year)


Criterion - 2:   Teaching-Learning and Evaluation.


2.2.1 The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organises special Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners

2.2.2 Student-Full time teacher ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year)

2.3.1 Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences

2.3.2 Teachers use ICT enabled tools including online resources for effective teaching and learning process

2.3.3 Ratio of students to mentor for academic and other related issues (Data for the latest completed academic year).

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