REPORT ON SWACHHATA HI SEVA (Cleanliness is Service)

REPORT ON SWACHHATA HI SEVA (Cleanliness is Service)

Swachhata Hi Sewa (Cleanliness is Service) Campaign was observed in LNJ Bhilwara Group, Noida on 28th September 2018. The employees have taken great pride in joining the cleanliness drive. The campaign stressed on the need for cleanliness and explained that everyone should maintain neatness in their day to day activities to make our environment Cleaner & Greener.

The students of Department of History and Department of Public Administration, GHBC participated in Swachhata Hi Seva on 15th September 2023, to invoke a spirit of cleanliness, plastic free environment among the students and in the surrounding localities.

The students were involved in mass cleaning in public places. Waste collection drives and awareness of cleanliness were organized to impart the significance of plastic free and clean surrounding to the illiterate mass in the villages.


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