Sensitization program on knitting, embroidery & sewing etc.

Sensitization program on knitting, embroidery & sewing etc.

Organised by Department of education 31st Oct – 4th Nov 2022

Knitwear is an important market segment of industry that has become popular among all men, women and kids. The Indian knitting industry is one of the most innovative global producers of knitwear products. Today, there has been a tremendous change in technology. A large number of sophisticated computerized knitting, embroidery machines, dyeing machines, state of the art sewing lines, CAD/CAM systems, large scale processing machines are used in Indian knitting industry. The production speeds have raised in recent years and the buyers are more and more conscious about the quality of garments manufactured in the mills. Hence it is necessary to know the various aspects related to knit fabric production, garment production and quality control of fabrics and garments.

In view of this, the Department of Education,GHBC is conducting a training programme/sentitization on “Bon knitting, embroidery & sewing” specially for benefit of the students

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