Lalsawmzuali Hnamte

Lalsawmzuali Hnamte

Associate Professor
Department of Education

A-53, Chanmari, Aizawl, Mizoram

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Master of Arts:  NEHU

Subject Specialization:
Educational Guidance and Counselling

Development of Education in India

Edu/3/CC/03 Development of Education in India
Edu/4/CC/04 Issues and Trends In Contemporary Indian Education
Edu/5/CC/07 Evaluation in Education
Edu/5/CC/09 Educational Guidance and Counselling
Edu/6/CC/11 Educational Thought

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Lynda Vanlalruati

“Perceptions and Challenges of Stakeholders of Government Hrangbana College Towards Online Education/Learn ing – A Case Study”

IQAC, Govt. Hrangbana College, Aizawl


978 -81 -950949 - 9 – 8



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