Associate Professor
Department of Economics

H/no.F-112,Jamplaz Street,Chanmari.

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MA (NEHU) (UGCNET: December, 1998)

Subject Specialization:

Eco/I/EC/01 Microeconomics-I
Eco/III/EC/03 Macroeconomics-I
Eco/VI/CC/12B International Trade

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Dr. Rohmingliani

“Evaluation of Sakeilui Minor Irrigation Project in Thingsul, Tlangnuam”


Irrigation & Water Resources Department, GoM.


1. Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
on the 19th February, 2021

2. Five Days International Webinar on “the 20th Century
Mizo Literature” during 15 -19 March, 2021

3. Webinar on “Entrepreneurship as a Tool
for Global Development” on 15th Sept, 2020

Board of Studies (BoS) and
member of the Moderation Board by the affiliating university (MZU).

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