Dr.Darchuailova Renthlei

Dr.Darchuailova Renthlei

Associate Professor, Ph.D
Head of Depatment
Department of Mizo
Chaltlang Ruam Veng, Aizawl

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Master of Arts (Mizo) 

M.Phil (GOU, Nagaland), Ph.D 

Subj Specialization: Linguistics

MZ/5/CC/8 (B) Prose Writing
MZ/6/CC/11 Mizo Language and Grammar

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Metaphoric visage of Rokunga

Mizo Studies https://mizostudiesm zu.com/?p=863

UGC Journal No. 47167

ISSN 2319-6041

Vankhama Nature Thlir Dan

Mizo Studies https://mizostudiesm zu.com/?p=841

UGC Journal No. 47167

ISSN 2319-6041

Laltanpuian Nature a Thlir Dan

Hmangaihna Zun Zam


978 -81 -954605 - 1 – 9

CHERCHING KIM (Hnam Zai leh Lam Zar Zauna)

A critical study of Mizo Folksong & Dance





Darchuailova Renthlei –
1. Council Member in Shahitya Akademi in 2018-2023, recognized by Govt. of India
2. Committee Member, North East Centre for Oral Literature (NECOL) (2018-2023)

1) Member, BoS, Department of Mizo, MZU
2) His book ‘Vankhama Hlate’ was one of the reading list in
Paper VII (Poetry II)

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Laltanpuian Nature a thlir dan

Three day international webinar on ‘A critical study of the songs of Laltanpuia Tochhawng’

13-15 September, 2021


Online Faculty Development Programme on ‘Classroom Management Skill and Online Delivery Techniques’

4-9 October, 2021


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