Dr. C Lalthantluangi

Dr. C Lalthantluangi

Assistant Professor,
M.A Economics (Ph.D)

College Veng,Aizawl

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Mizoram University


Madras Christian College


Mizoram University

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Subject Specialization:

ECO/II/EC/02 Microeconomics-II

ECO/V/CC/08A Agriculture Economics

ECO/VI/CC/09 Environmental Economics







Analysis of Ginger and Chili cultivation in Champhai District, Mizoram

International Journal of Economics and Management Studies


The impact of Covid-19 on Education: The perspective of College students

Narain Publications, Chennai-600004

Name of Programme attended


Orientation Programme organised by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University from 19.10.2016 to 15.11.2016

3 weeks

Special Summer School organized by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram university from 06.06.2017 to 26.06.2017

3 weeks

Short-Term Course on Research Methodology organized by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University from 19.03.2018 to 24.03.2018

1 week

Refresher Course in Tribal Studies organized by UGC-HRDC, NEHU during 24.09.2018 to 14.10.2018

3 weeks

Faculty Induction program organized by Faculty Development Centre, Mizoram University from 04.02.2019 to 06.03.2019

3 weeks

International E-FDP on ‘Research Indicators, Resources, Plagiarism and Academic Integrity’ organized by Knowledge Resources Centre, Patrician College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu from 22.06.2020 to 26.06.2020


1 week

Faculty Development Programme on Quantitative Methods for Data Analysis organized by Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 12.08.2020 to 25.08.2020

2 weeks

Short Term Training Programme on Data Analysis using MS Excel, IBM SPSS, and R organized by UGC-HRDC, University of Hyderabad during 14.06.2021 to 19.06.2021

1 week

Workshop on MOOCS organized by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University from 11.02.2022 to 17.02.2022

1 week

International Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Data Analytics and Machine learning organized by Mizoram University and NEHU, India from 21.03.2022 to 25.03.2022

1 week

Faculty Development Programme on Intellectual Property Rights organised by Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi from 23.01.2023 to 29.01.2023

1 week

1. Member,Mizoram Economic Association
2. Member, Board of Studies, MZU
3. Member, UG Moderation Board, MZU

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