Students’ Union

Students’ Union

The College has a student body called Students Union. Students Union Elections are held each year at the start of a new academic session. Student Union elections are conducted by the College faculty to ensure free and fair election.

The followings were the list of the  Students’ Union (2023-24) leaders : (click on the photos)


Rules and Regulations for candidate to Students’ Union GHBC

1. Vice-President    2. General Secretary    3. Outdoor Games Secretary    4. Indoor Games Secretary    5. Debating Secretary    6. Social & Cultural Secretary    7. Magazine Editor

The Students’ Union Election Rules has been made and the same is hereby notified to all concerned and it is being implemented with immediate effect until further order.
a) There is direct election of Students’ Union for the posts namely
(1) Vice-President
(2) General Secretary
(3) Magazine Editor
(4) Outdoor Games Secretary
(5) Indoor Games Secretary
(6) Social & Cultural Secretary
(7) Debating Secretary.

Every student of Hrangbana College can participate as a voter.
b) Only regular students who have completed one year in the College with no back paper are eligible to contest the Election
c) There will be at least two candidates in each post. If not, Principal will appoint a suitable person against that post.
d) Asst. Secretaries of all post are to be appointed by President of SU / Principal
e) The Office Bearers, their Assistants and Class Representatives will form the General Body of the Students’ Union Committee, Principal being ex-officio President of the Students’ Union.
f) All contestant will undergo Personality Development Programme before Election Speech.

The term of the Office Bearer shall be from Election of Students Union to the next Election of the Union

No Campaign (Election Campaign) in the following form is allowed :
a) Distribution of pamphlets or hand-outs of any kind.
b) Display of banner.
c) Sticking of posters inside and outside the College premises.
d) Campaign/canvasing inside the class rooms.

Election Meeting /speech shall be held in the Golden Hall on 26th July, 2022 (Tuesday), at 3:00 p.m. attendance is compulsory and POs will be responsible for taking attendance and they should submit the same to the Returning Officer at the end of the Election Meeting. Each contestant should deliver Election Speech in English for 5 (five) minutes only.

Violation of any Election Rules by the candidates or their supporters will cancel the candidature of such a candidate.

Identification of voters will be done through attendance Register Book by Polling Officers


List of SU Leaders in the earlier years

SU 2020 -21

SU 2019 -2020

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