Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)

Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan ( RUSA ) i.e. , National Higher Education Mission is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme ( CSS ) proposed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development ( MHRD ) to ensure holistic planning at the state level and enhancement of allocations of funds for the state institutions for the 12th and 13th plan perions. The National Development Council and the Central Advisory Board on Education ( CABE ) approved the RUSA scheme and with the approval of the Cabinet Committee on Economics Affairs ( CCEA ) on 3rd October 2013, RUSA became the final tier of the CSSs of the MHRD.

The 12th plan lays out the following as the objectives that must guide central, state and private institutions in the country:

1) Higher Education in India be brought in line with and at the frontiers of global trends in higher education and knowledge development.

2) Improvement in the overall quality of teaching-learning in average higher education institutions in the country.

3) Arresting and reversing the trend of group inequalities in access to quality higher education.

4) Creation of additional capacity for 10 million students from eligible age cohort to have access to higher education in a demand- driven manner and

5) Undertaking governance and regulating reforms that focus on institutional autonomy within a framework of accountability and build adaptive capacity of the system.

Govt. Hrangbana College has been selected to be upgraded to a Model Degree College by the 4th Meeting of the Project Approval Board ( PAB ) of MHRD on 10th December 2014. As such the Board of Governors and Project Monitoring Unit for Govt. Hrangbana College were created vide No. B. 13033/1/03-HBC-2785 dated 12.8.2015 as under:


1. Chairman, H & TE: R. Lalrosanga

2. Vice Chairman : Lal Rinawma, Principal Govt.Hrangbana College

3. Secretary : H. Lalzidinga, RUSA Institutional Coordinator


1. Academic Activities : Dr. Suprakash Maiti

2. Civil Co-ordinator: Mr.C. Vanlallawma

3. Procurement: Mr. Lalhmingthanga

4. Financial Aspects: Mr. Lalchangliana

5. Equity Assurance and Implementation : Ms. Zohmingliani Lyngdoh

6. Representative of Central YMA : Mr. Lalbiakzuala

7. Representative MHIP Hqrs: Ms Saipuii


Chairman – Lal Rinawma , Principal Govt. Hrangbana College

Secretary – H. Lalzidinga, RUSA Institutional Coordinator

Members –

1) Mrs. Lalthlamuani Khiangte

2) Mr. Lalrochuanga Pachuau

3) Mr. Ngurthankima Sailo

4) Mr. Lalchatuana – Librarian

5) Mr. H.P. Lalzuala – Head Assistant

6) Pu C. Lungmuana

7) Vice president – Student Union (Representative)

8) Er . David Sapzova

The Project Approval Board has approved the funding of Rs 400 lakhs to the College during 2014-2017. As per the RUSA guidelines the said grant amounting to Rs 400 lakhs is to be spent as under :

1. Creation of New facilities – new construction – Rs 140 lakhs i.e. 35% of the grant.

2. Renovation and Upgradation of existing facilities – Rs 140 lakhs i.e. 35% of the grant.

3. New Equipments / Facilities – Rs 120 lakhs i.e. 35% of the grant.

The College has so far received Rs 61.41 lakhs from RUSA scheme as under :

1. Rs 1 lakh received for Capacity Building on 30-9-2015 which had been utilized to conduct Seminar on RUSA scheme and choiced-Based Credit System introduced by Mizoram University and for setting up RUSA project Office etc.

2. Rs 50 lakhs received on 6-1-2016 for Civil works. This grant is being spent for the construction of vertical extension of the College building. The Mizoram Technocrats Company Pvt. Ltd. has signed memorandum of Understanding (MoU)with the State Project Directorate ( RUSA ) as the implementing agency of Civil Works. The said company has started the vertical extension work and the entire sanctioned amount received had been released to the Company.

3. Rs 10.41 lakhs received as 1st installment of Equity Initiative on 5-4-2016 has been released for construction of Language laboratory, conducting Personality Development and Communication Skills Development Seminar, for Organizing Equity and Gender Sensitization Workshop etc.

RUSA activities:

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