ICT Tools

ICT Tools


Application of Information and Communication Tool for effective teaching has become an essential part of learning in the present world context. The Govt. Hrangbana College recognises that this is pivotal for effective learning and has inculcated as many as are accessible and applicable with the available resources. Following are the E-Learning Resources used in the college:

1. INFLIBNET:INFLIBNET has been used as a research resource for all faculty and students to access relevant topics relating to their interest of study. Member are given their individual login ID with passwords.

2. UGC RESOURCE CENTRE: The UGC Resource Centre is positioned in the library for easy access for students and faculty for their learning.

3. MICROSOFT POWERPOINT:PowerPoint is the preferred learning resource, used commonly by the faculty as teaching aids and used by the students for paper presentation, seminars and workshops.PowerPoint can be used to deliver a presentation in a number ways, the Computer laboratory and the Network Resource Centre gives access to students.

4. KEYNOTE: Keynote has been used by some faculty for teaching. Keynote is a presentation software application developed as a part of the iWork productivity suite by Apple Inc.

5. MICROSOFT PUBLISHER & MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE:The students, especially, with E-Commerce as subjects uses these softwares to learn create web pages.

6. MICROSOFT OFFICE/EXCEL :This applications are commonly used for all types of works by all concern.

7. SPSS :The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is used statistical studies and analysis, especially by the Psychology and Education Department.

8. Tally: All commerce students are required to learn Tally, and NIELIT offers a diploma course for the same to them free of cost.

9. Adobe System: The adobe system is used for various graphic works, NIELIT also offers a course in related to this as well free of cost.10. SONAKO: The Sonako software is usedin the Language Laboratory

11. WEBSITE : College Website is design for sending emails and sms to students and teachers. Feedback, suggestions and complaints can be submitted through website. Such communication is very useful for effective information delivery for students. Question Banks is also under-construction which may be very useful for students.

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