.Core Values

.Core Values

Core Values of Government Hrangbana College

The Core Value and Vision of Govt. Hrangbana College is “Providing holistic and quality education within the reach of all”


The motto of the college “Truth Prevails” is the guiding light, that truth prevails in the hearts and minds of all students past and present, and all stakeholders, unceasingly throughout the institution and the community at large, which is reflected in the vision.

Academic Excellence:

The institution facilitates the youth to pursue higher education, academic excellence with employability and entrepreneurship. It equips the students to possess overall development in the field of education, co-curricular and extension activities and to instill in the teachers and students unity in thought and action.

The college consciously communicates and demonstrates through the various activities and programs, work culture, academic and organizational set-up that holistic and quality education is the primary concern of the institution through ethical practices, commitment, diligence, transparency, pursuit of excellence and integrity in all aspects.

Environment Consciousness:

Environment consciousness and sustainability has been vigorously instilled through a series of activities, cleanliness drives, awareness programs etc. Most of all, the institution has had a collaboration with the Pollution Control Board, by way of conducting a green audit on the whole institution. Solar energy has been initiated to practice the off-grid lifestyle, an e-waste management has been hugely propagated.

Empowerment and Human Values:

The Institution aims to educate students coming from all sections of the society, empower them, inculcate human values, develop leadership qualities and help them to achieve important positions in the society. The mission of the College is also to make the learners good citizens who will steer the nation in a sustained process of development. In other words, the College aims at developing the students to become complete citizens. The achievements of this College in several fields over the years have proved that this Institution has been successful in realizing its aims and mission. The management and staff of the College are committed to make this Institution one of the best educational destinations of the State. The campaign for gender equity promotion has been fully incorporated within the college culture through various programs spearheaded by the Equal Opportunity Cell, Legal Aid Cell and the Women Development Cell.

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