.Code of ethics

.Code of ethics

Code Of Ethics To Check Malpractices And Plagiarism In Research.


•Authors must ensure that they have written original works. In addition, they must ensure
that manuscript has not been issues anywhere else.
•Any work or words of other authors or contributors should be appropriately credited and
•Authors are also responsible for language editing before submitting the article. Authors
submitting their work to journal or publication as original articles confirm that the
submitted works represent that their authors contribution and have not been copied of
plagiarized in whole or in parts without clearly citing. Any work or words of other
authors, contributors or sources (including online sites) should be appropriately credited
and referenced.


•Editors must ensure a fair peer-review of the submitted articles for publication.
•They will strive to prevent any potential conflict of interest between the author and the
editorial and review personnel.
•Editors will also endure that all the information related to submitted manuscripts is kept
as confidential before publishing.
•Editor-in chief will coordinate the work of the editors.


•Reviewers evaluate manuscripts based on content without regard to ethnic origin,
gender, sexual orientation, citizen, religious or political philosophy of the authors.
•They must ensure that all the information related to submitted manuscript is kept as
confidential and must report to the editor-in chief, if they are aware of copyright
infringement and plagiarism on the author’s side.
•They must evaluate the submitted work objectively as well as present clearly their
opinions on the works in a clear way in the review form

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