Appeal for Metric 4.2.1

Appeal for Metric 4.2.1

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This is to formally appeal the score received for Metric 4.2.1 in the recent NAAC assessment of Govt. Hrangbana College.

          It is with deep concern that we received the assessment outcome awarding only 2 points for our library facilities. We believe that there may have been a misunderstanding or oversight during the assessment process that led to this evaluation. We kindly request a thorough review of our library’s resources, services, and overall impact on the academic environment in order to ensure a fair and accurate assessment.

           While we appreciate the effort and dedication put forth by the assessment team, we respectfully request a reconsideration of our library’s evaluation for NAAC accreditation. We believe we received a score lower than anticipated, despite substantial evidence and positive feedback from the Peer Team regarding our library facilities and advancements.

          The Peer Team provided a favourable report, noting the following key features of our library stating that, the library is situated on the 5th and 6th floors, housing the UGC Network Resource Centre, digital books, journals and a system operating on SOUL software. A special section is dedicated to blind students. Recent advancements include the introduction of a Smart Room under the Smart City Project and automation through the Integrated Library Management System.

          Some of the important aspects of our library are highlighted as under.

Govt. Hrangbana College Library is among the fastest-growing libraries in Mizoram, under the Higher Education wing.

  • The library contains a large number of books, classified under the 23rd edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and catalogued using the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR II).
  • Our library spans two floors, with a Reading Room that can accommodate over 70 individuals.
  • Our college is the first in Mizoram to implement Library Management Software, computerized in 2006-2007 using SOUL software, subsequently upgraded to SOUL 1, SOUL 2, and SOUL 3. The College Identity Card and Library User’s Card are printed using SOUL software.
  • The N-LIST project caters to different academic disciplines and provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty from colleges and other beneficiary institutions through server(s) installed at the INFLIBNET Centre. These resources are available in digital formats, providing students and faculty with instant access to relevant and current information. The vast collection of e-resources includes digital books, journals, and multi-media materials. A full text of e-journals – 6293 titles and e-books 1,95,809 titles can be downloaded.
  • For security purpose, the library is equipped with Stallion RFID compatible with super high frequency anti-theft detection of books. Hand-held book finder for stock taking and inventory device has been installed as well.
  • EKC cum Library is allocated one room which is reserved for blind students and differently abled students. This room serves as a Rest Room and Reading Room.
  • Our library is a pioneer in library automation in the North Eastern states of India, serving as a model for other colleges and special libraries. This success was achieved through the persistent efforts of the Principal and the Librarian, involving various forms of communication.
  • On December 1st, 2023, our Librarian, Dr. Lalchatuana, received an Appreciation Certificate for his contributions to the success of the INFLIBNET Centre.
  • Dr. Lalchatuana has been appointed as a member of the North Eastern Region Advisory Committee for the Promotion of Library Automation and Networking in the North Eastern Region (PLANNER), with the next event scheduled for September 19th-21st, 2024, in Itanagar.

          Thus, our college has invested significantly in providing a good library facility that meets the diverse needs of our students and faculty members. Our library not only offers a wide range of educational resources, but also provides technology and environment conducive for research, learning and academic development. The library staff has continuously strived to offer exceptional support and services to our academic community.

                        Given these significant achievements and the positive observations by the Peer Team, we believe that the score for Metric 4.2.1 does not accurately reflect the quality and advancements of our library. Therefore, we respectfully request a review and reconsideration of the score awarded for this metric.

Reasons for Appeal

This is to formally appeal the score received for Metric 4.2.1 in the recent NAAC assessment of Govt. Hrangbana College. Despite the institution’s commitment to automated the library to the latest technology and to digitize the facilities as much as possible, the current point allocation does not accurately reflect our performance in this area.

Therefore, we respectfully request a reconsideration of the points allotted for Metric 4.2.1 taking into account the evidence provided in the supporting documents.


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