Chairman       : Mr. Lalrochuanga Pachuau, Principal                    

    Vice Chairman: Mr. Ngurthankima Sailo, Vice Principal                

    Secretary        : Dr. Lalbiakzuali, Co-ordinator, IQAC


1. All Heads of the Departments                       2. Representative, H & TE

3. Director, CDC                                  4. Head Assistant, GHBC

5. Co-ordinator, UGC                           6. Co-ordinator, RUSA          

7. Co-ordinator, Acad. & Exam.                       8. Mentor, MZU

                                    Nature of work:

1. To approve the proposal for development schemes under RUSA,  UGC  etc., for colleges, identifying its needs and deciding on its priorities.

2. To allocate budgets for improving the standards of teaching and

     research at various levels.

3. To make the overall-short, medium, and long-term plans and allocate

    responsibility areas.

4. To review current operations and identify key points for Improvement(s).

5. To envisage the desired results of the predetermined targets by

    monitoring all activities.

6. To impart expert advice on all matters regarding UGC related funds,

    RUSA, co-curricular activities and various committees and cells of

    the college.

7. To make nominations for teachers’ awards and achievements to

    various agencies (State, National and International).

8. To make collaborations and networking with various agencies,

    institutions, colleges and universities (State, National and International).