Workshop on Career Awareness and Development

Workshop on Career Awareness and Development

#Topic: Learn.Connect and Achieved your Goals Organised by The Department of Public Administration

Date: 27.9.2022 Conference Hall,GHBC

Resource Person : Dr Saithantluangi Zote, MIS

A one day workshop on Career Awareness and Development was organized to inculcate the importance of career attitudes, knowledge, and life’s experiences. And also using all of these considerations when making active decisions about your career. 

Career guidance plays a very important role in the lives of all individuals, as it helps in setting future goals and chooses careers. Career guidance is much needed service to those who did not plan for their future at an early stage; more should be done to assist the younger generations in personal career development. When high school students have a clear understanding of the best career choices for them, end result is better planning, more college enrollments, and a more productive society for the future.

In this workshop we have planned to make students understand different career opportunities, procedure to appear those careers, different competitive exams and also planned to make them to understand the importance of having goal and passion and hard work to achieve the desired goal.

The programme was interactive and the students got awareness of the importance of above tests in contemporary scenario.

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